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Who are using your services?
Many students from K12 to post graduate students are using our services. Some of our customers are those who are returning to schools after many years of work. Many students are coming not only from the US and Canada but also from many parts of the world.
Is my information secured? Is there any chance that someone comes to
know that I use your services?
Your information is completely secured. No one comes to know you are using our services. We have never disclosed our customer information in whatever circumstances.
How do you keep my credit card information? Is my card information
secured? Is there any chance that someone uses my credit card information?
Your credit card information is completely secured and safe. First of all, we never "keep" our customer credit card information. Because your payment is made through Google Checkout and PayPal, we never see your credit card information. We just receive notification from Google or from PayPal when you make payment. Your card information is secured at Google or at PayPal which is never disclosed to us. As your credit card information is only in your account at Google or at PayPal, no one can access your account information.
How easy is it to reach your customer service when I have any problems?
How do I make a payment? Can I pay by credit card?

We will send you online invoice from which you can make payment through Google Checkout. You can also make payment from our payment page,
If you want to pay from your PayPal account you can pay from� Or, you can directly send your money to from your PayPal account.

Can I make payment by a check?

We only accept online payment either by Google Checkout or by PayPal. You can use your credit card easily through Google Checkout or PayPal.
We basically do neither accept Money Order nor an individual bank check.

However, you may use it if it is OK that you use our service after we receive it and actually receive your payment. Please have about a week until you use our services after you send your payment
I paid more than the quoted price. Can I get refund? Or, can I keep the remaining balance for my future use?
Yes, we will refund the remaining balance in two days after the price is fixed. Basically, we will refund the reaming balance and do NOT keep your balance. However, if you want to keep the balance as deposit, please inform our customer service of your request.
Which program should I choose?
Both E-mail/Fax Help and Online Help is available for Math, Statistics, and Accounting. Only E-mail/Fax Help is available for the rest of the subjects. When you have specific questions about your homework, please try our E-mail/Fax Help first. However, if you do not understand subject well you had better come for Online Help. Our teachers will identify your difficulty areas and help you work through them.
Should I always go to E-mail/Fax help first?
No. If you need immediate help or if you want somebody to identify your difficulty in understanding, you should get Online One-on-One Help.
How often should I have a lesson with the Individual Tutor Course?
It depends on your needs and understanding level. You can take as many lessons as possible as long as teachers are available. You can also make teacher reservation in advance.
Can I meet with a teacher for Online Help whenever I want?
If all our teachers are busy, you may not be able to meet with a teacher immediately. Please ask our customer service for a reservation or request E-mail/Fax Service instead.
How different is your E-mail/Fax Help from similar services at other sites?
Our goal is to make sure that you have one hundred percent comprehension. You will be able to apply the skills you learn from our teachers to solve other problems in homework and on exams. We want to be sure that you understand the material completely, so don't hesitate to come online for help! We care about each student and every question. This is what sets us apart from other providers.
What about your hours of operation? If I am a student outside the US,
can I get your help?
With 24/7 service, students living in any part of the world can use our service. Whenever you have any questions, please visit us. As we operate E-mail and Fax Help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can use the service anytime. You can use Online Help service by teacher appointment.
How will I start my online class?
Before your appointment time, you will receive an invitation e-mail from us. You can enter the online classroom by clicking "Join Meeting" on the invitation e-mail. (Visit "QUICK TOUR" on the top page for a demonstration.)
Who are the teachers?
Our teachers are all highly qualified. Potential teachers must go through several rounds of screening before they are selected. Our teachers not only give students help and lectures, but they also develop their own material.
Can I talk to my teacher through the computer? If not, what can I do?
Yes, you can. Our online class environment supports voice chat over the Internet. If there are hardware limitations or problems we will use online chat.
I cannot use online voice chat. Or, I do not have headset or microphone. 
Can I still use an Online Help?
Our system can also provide online (writing) chat. So, you can communicate with our teachers through the online chat.
What are your minimum system requirements?
For E-mail/Fax service, you only need a fax machine or e-mail account. For Online Help, you need high speed Internet. However, as we have several online class tools you can use our service in almost all situations. For more detail, please send us e-mails to
When I was scheduled for Online One-on-One help, my internet was down
due to problems with my Internet Service Provider. Can I have a make-up
lesson free of charge?"
Yes, you can. Please send us an e-mail or visit the 24-hour Live Support Desk.
If I am not satisfied with your service can I get refund?
"Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you are not happy with our service, we will refund your payment. We will discuss the situation with you in order to determine the appropriate amount to refund.
What happens if I make a reservation and forget about it?
If you forget about a reservation, you will be charged for the session. Please visit our customer service to make a new reservation.



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